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Sometimes, life surprises us and sends us not one child, but two. In this case, when you are getting everything together for your impending arrival, you need to multiply everything by two. One of the essential items is a twin stroller, which does the same job as a conventional stroller but is designed to accommodate not just one, but two babies.

Of course, they will be a little larger than a traditional stroller, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be a tank. In this article, we will dive into the world of twin strollers. We will tell you everything you need to know about their features and give you tips to help you make the right decision.

Key Facts

  • A twin pusher isn’t necessarily heavier or less manageable than a conventional stroller. There are many light and narrow models.
  • It is worth considering a twin stroller’s folding mechanism before buying it. It is advisable to be able to do this one-handed.
  • There are various types of twin strollers, each with its own benefits and disadvantages: these include in line, parallel and with seats in front. It will depend on your needs.

The best twin strollers on the Canadian Market

Having twins can be challenging at first, but everything will settle down when you realise the exact equipment and accessories you need to make life easier. One of the first things to think about is a twin stroller, so that your little ones will be comfortable while you go about your day. Below we outline the best twin strollers currently available.

Summer Infant – 3D Two Double Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant’s 3D Two Double Convenience Stroller is a light-weight, all aluminum framed stroller that ways less than 20 pounds, meaning it is easy to pack up and carry. This stroller features a unique stadium seating design, where the twins sit above and below one another. It also has a built-in large-sized storage basket, rear storage pockets, and a conveniently placed cup-holder for parents.

The high quality wheel bearings and smooth glide design make this stroller easy to push and maneuver. Summer Infant’s 3D twin stroller prides itself on offering parents one of the easiest to fold and pack strollers on the market. It is the perfect stroller for families that want to economize on space, and are looking for a well-built product with all the essentials and no frills.

Maclaren – Twin Triumph Stroller

Maclaren’s Twin Triumph Stroller is a 9.6kg twin stroller built for infants 6 months-old, all the way up to 30kg. This product features a recline seat with multiple different positions, as well as great leg support cushions built into the seats, to ensure your kids are always comfortable. One especially great feature of this stroller is that the seats can be adjusted independently, so each child’s unique needs are taken into consideration.

The UV protection (50+ UPF) and waterproof canopy with eye-protecting sun visor, also with an ample built-in storage pocket so you always have room to pack the essentials. The hoods, like the seats, also operate independently, so each child has their needs met as required. This product has parts that are “self-replaceable,” meaning you can do so on your own. The four wheel suspension provides a smooth ride and easy pushing.

Thule – Urban Glide

Thule has made the Urban Glide with the parents of twins exclusively in mind. This is a stroller that folds up small and compact, is easy to store, and can be conveniently taken anywhere on the go. The one-handed grip makes this a great option for parents who need to take the dogs and the twins for a walk at the same time. The Urban Glide features well-placed side ventilation windows and an adjustable canopy to ensure your kids are always comfortable and protected from the elements.

This product is the perfect all-terrain stroller, with high-quality hybrid wheels that are great for both paved roads, urban parks, and even rougher trails and paths. The 5-point padded harness keeps children safe at all times, and the ergonomically-designed twist handbrake gives you total control on hilly terrain. Able to handle up to 75 pounds, this stroller comes in four different colour variations.

Graco – Ready2Grow Twin Stroller

This incredibly versatile stroller from Graco is made to be able to handle children as they grow – from infant to youth. The two seats sit back to back, so you are always able to have some face time your kids. This stroller is also compatible with Graco car seats, and will accept two SnugRide click connect products. The back of the stroller can be converted into a platform or bench seat for an older child as well.

This stroller has a very large basket underneath that is perfect for storing whatever you may need to take with you. This is a heavier product, but it is built to last, and you will appreciate its extra versatility. Graco makes a very solid product that is easy to handle, and folds up small enough to be able to conveniently pack into the trunk of most family cars.

Bumbleride – Indie Twin Stroller

Bumbleride’s infant-ready stroller with lie flat seats and adjustable canopy is what people imagine when they think of top of line twin strollers. Designed with ultimate comfort and protection in mind, this product features backrests, footrests, and bassinet mode fabric panels designed to make it easy for newborns to sleep on the go. The one-step folding process makes this an absolutely no fuss, no muss product.

Everything about this stroller is designed for maximum comfort, convenience, and easy-of-use. The tires are air-filled and come with high-quality suspension, so your kids get a smooth ride every time. Even the fabric of the stroller is made to be non-irritating, and with recycled products. This is a heavier stroller, weighing in at 16.3 kilograms, but that is because of how durable, versatile, and high-end this twin stroller is.


Shopping Guide: What you should know about twin strollers

Having a twin stroller could make your life easier in a wide range of different scenarios. Yo might have twins, or you may be expecting another child very soon and will need a stroller for both at some point. Whatever it may be, there are a range of important considerations to keep in mind when buying a twin stroller. Below are some of the most important ones.

Active parent hiking with two kids in a stroller

Twin pushers are ideal for parents with small twins. (Source: Famveldman: 30779996/

What is a twin stroller exactly?

Twin strollers or pushers are designed to carry two babies or toddlers at the same time. As their name suggests, they are made specifically for twin babies or two small children of a similar age. They are the perfect solution when your little ones are around the same age or if you are expecting a second child. The good news is that there are a variety of strollers which fit this purpose.

Currently, you will find a range of models on the market suitable to the diverse needs of the modern family. There are strollers which are parallel, in line, with the seats side by side, or with one in front, among other options. Of course, these strollers are bigger than those which are for one baby only, but there are also narrow models available if you’re worried about space.

Did you know that paediatricians recommend that babies should not be in strollers until they are at least 6 months old?

From what age can you use twin strollers?

In general, twin strollers are well suited to babies and toddlers from 6 months and over. Given that the majority have upright and reclinable seats (some of which you can put in a completely horizontal position), they are designed so that your babies will be very comfortable while you walk around. The maximum weight they can carry varies between models but can be up to 30 kg.

Often times twin strollers are made with newborns in mind as well. In this case, you will have to find a carrycot so that your newborn is both safe and comfortable. If this is a feature that is important to you, than look for one that advertises this option. Often these kinds of strollers are even suitable for children up until the age of 3 or 4.

 two twin babies, seven-month smiling girls covered with a white towel in bed on white sheets

The materials which twin pushers are made from need to meet certain requirements.
(Source: Melnyk : 41024410/

Are there regulations around twin strollers?

In Canada, the safety of twin strollers, as with all products, is regulated by the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act. This act sets mandatory safety standards for prams and strollers. According to this, for a twin stroller to be safe, it must have certain components and features including at least one parking device, be performance tested, have safety harnesses for each child that include both waist and crotch straps and (depending on how far it reclines) a head barrier.

According to these regulations, all prams and strollers sold in Canada must also be clearly marked with the registered trade name and address in Canada of either the manufacturer, importer or supplier, as well as the model name or model name of the stroller. Additionally, it should clearly show safety warnings as to the appropriate use of the stroller, the harness, the minimum age for use, and other safety recommendations. Be sure to check this to make sure that your stroller is in compliance with the safety standards set down by the Canadian government.

Young beautiful woman with a double jogging stroller with two kids, baby boy and little toddler girl, brother and sister, walking in a beautiful German village with traditional old houses

Twin pushers are ideal for people with little ones around the same age.
(Source: Famveldman: 30780010/

How do twin strollers fold up?

One of the most important features for parents buying a twin stroller is what the fold-up process is like. Folding your stroller is something you will be constantly doing as you take it from place to place, so you want it to be as simple as possible. Folding mechanisms vary model to model, bust the majority are done with one hand.

The umbrella-style folding mechanism is one of the most popular designs. These kinds of strollers typically have a single button or pedal that you push that completes the folding and unfolding action. Some stroller folds up like a book. In this case, you use a lever that pulls the stroller inwards and folds it evenly.

Shopping criteria

When choosing the best twin stroller, you have to take a range of important considerations into account. Remember that these items are indispensable during the early period of your children’s lives, and so you need to make the right choice. There are five key criteria which you can use to determine the best model.

Types of twin strollers

There are generally four types of twin strollers. The in-line models (also called tandem) have one seat in front of the other. The advantage of this type of twin stroller is that it can be very narrow, so that you can easily navigate doors or lifts, with the same ease as a regular stroller. On the other hand, they can be very long.

Parallel twin strollers are another common type, where the children are seated side by side. This means both kids have the same views, but on the other hand, these strollers are more difficult to manoeuvre. Another possibility is those where one seat is slightly above the other.

Usually, this type of design has a cot in the upper part (for a baby) and a chair in the lower section (for an older child). Finally, you have the models where the seats are facing each other. This means your little ones will be looking at each other while you walk around.

Type of twin stroller Advantages Drawbacks
In line Easier to handle and narrower Bigger and can be heavier
Parallel Reclinable chairs and greater field of vision Much wider
Seats facing Encourages interaction One of the children will be facing backwards
One seat above the other Perfect for kids who are close in age y with 100% reclinable seats Little visibility of the lower seat


Getting the right dimensions with a twin stroller is very important. You need to ensure your stroller is going to fit through the front door of your home (house or apartment) and, if the latter, the elevator as well. This is an especially important consideration if your chosen twin stroller is a side-by-side model. These strollers are sometimes wider than some doorways.

Also, don’t forget to measure the boot of your car so that you can transport the stroller. Finally, keep in mind the size of the space where you are planning to store it when it’s not being used.


Consider the weight of your twin stroller and above all compare this to the strength of the person who will be manoeuvring it on a regular basis. Think about how much it will weigh including the two kids. Remember that these strollers can support up to 30 kilos of cargo (15kg per child), and on top of this, you’ll need to add the weight of the empty stroller.

Getting a stroller that is light enough to be easily manoevred by either mom or dad, and does not require a ton of exertion is very important. This is important to consider both when you are pushing your kids in it, and when you are taking it around with you. The lighter and easier to fold, the better for you.

Manufacturing materials

The materials your twin stroller is made from need to meet certain requirements. The seat should be made from high-quality materials which won’t irritate your children’s sensitive skin, as well as being breathable and waterproof. In the same way, you should always look for materials which are removable and above all washable.

Of course, the stroller should be comfortable for your little ones. It’s advisable to choose ones with well-padded seats. For these purposes, polyester is one of the most common materials.

For the frame, resistant and lightweight materials like aluminium are best.


Finally, the chair needs to be easy to manoeuvre. This is where factor like the wheels and the handle come in. Large wheels which turn 360º are suited to all terrains and are a breeze to manage. They may, however, add to the total weight of the stroller. It all adds up, after all!

People have different preferences when it comes to stroller handles. Some like a single long piece, and other people prefer two separate ones. In either case, it is important to make sure the handle is adjustable. This makes a stroller much easier to push. Many parents end up developing back issues from not having their stroller handle set at a comfortable height for them.


Twin strollers were invented to make it much easy to transport two small children. At the end of the day, you want to find a model which makes your life easier, not more difficult. You need to assess if it handles well, how heavy it is and if its extra features are really necessary.

As you probably already know, a stroller is something which will accompany your child as they grow and develop in the first few years of their life. This is why it’s critical that you take your time and make a considered choice. Not only your little ones’ comfort depends on your decision, but also your own.

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