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What is lipstick to you? Perhaps it is simply one more cosmetic product within the wide repertoire of beauty items available at any Shoppers Drug Mart. Or perhaps you know it as a product that gives colour to the lips, just like those that give colour to the eyes or cheeks, creating an overall enhanced glow in the face. Nonetheless, we assure you that even though it may not seem like it at a simple glance, lipstick products can do so much more than just giving an extra aesthetic pop to your look.

In recent decades, the Canadian lipstick industry has undergone an impressive revolution. There are hundreds of different varieties of lipsticks, each one of them offering various properties and specific advantages, which were previously unthinkable. The world of lipsticks is a world full of potential for exploration and creativity. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover the diversity within the lipstick industry and tips on how to find the best, safest and most effective products.

Key Facts

  • Lipstick is a cosmetic product that provides colour and texture to the lips.
  • Lipstick has cosmetic, physiological and psychological​ benefits.
  • There are many different types of lipstick which can be be defined in terms of their form and the finish they provide.

The best lipsticks on the Canadian market

In this section, we’ve prepared a compilation of the 5 best lipsticks available on the Canadian market according to their price, quality, moisturising benefits and extra features. We’ve included descriptions highlighting the characteristics that makes them special, in order to help you easily compare each of their pros and cons. With our guidance, you’ll be able to make the most out of your lipstick, by finding the product that perfectly fulfils your needs and those of your lips!

Maybelline New York — Super-Stay Lipstick (liquid)

This long lasting lipstick is one of Maybelline’s best sellers, providing up to 16 hours of rich matte colour. The Super-Stay Liquid Lipstick available in 12 different super saturated shades of nude tones, making it the perfect choice for people of all skin types and colours. All these powerful but subtle shades create an elegant, yet soft look.

In order to achieve their colours, its formula consists of a high concentration of maximum intensity pigments. The result is a dense, saturated and opaque colouration that stays for hours. This extended stay lipstick comes in a small, convenient tube that features a unique arrow applicator for precise, full coverage.

L’Oréal Paris — Infallible Matte Lipstick (liquid)

L’Oreal Paris is proud to introduce their first matte liquid lipstick which lasts up to 24 hours. The intense high pigment shades create a comfortable, long-lasting matte finish. The full coverage liquid feels light on the lips for all day comfort – perfect for those not used to wearing makeup. The pro-sculpt applicator allows for full coverage that accentuates the shape and dimension of your lips.

The pigments within the formula adhere strongly to the lips, leaving a beautiful layer of intense colour. This liquid matte lipstick comes in 12 different colours for expressive lips on any occasion. Reviewers have mentioned that although its colouration is strong and effective, this formula leaves no stains and won’t damage your clothes after an accidental slip.

Rimmel London — Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

The gorgeous colour, richness and comfort of Kate Moss’ signature lipstick has been made available to Canadians in a rich, velvety matte finish. In spite of it being featured in a classic stick format, this lipstick uses the most innovative and revolutionary technology in its formulation in order to provide the best results. This intense velvet colour lasts all day long thanks to its Ruby Powder enriched formula.

This 18g lipstick bar comes in 6 different shades. The lipstick colour is highly resistant and durable, thanks to it’s protective and preserving colour technology. Once applied, you’ll never have to worry about the colour fading or wearing off after eating, drinking or kissing. The long-lasting colour is guaranteed to have an 8 hour impeccable wear. Packing contains Kate Moss’ personal signature.

Astor — Soft Sensation Lip Colour

This exclusive product by Astor is a revolutionary 9 g matte lipstick which comes in an easy to use pencil-stick form. The lipstick combines all the advantages of bar lipstick and pencil lipstick in one. It offers intense and long-lasting hydration, guaranteed to last for up to 5 hours. Because of it’s easy-to-hold design and shape, it allows for very precise application in order to achieve perfect and accurate results.

This lipstick is the perfect option for everyday use, as it keeps the lips moisturised and it is available in a wide range of colours. It holds its vivid colour for hours, but leaves no stains on the clothes or other face. Using this lipstick gives an instant sensation of hydration as it initiates lip repair. Not only does it colour your lips, but it also nourishes and treats even the deepest layers of the skin on the lips.

Revlon — Lustrous Colour Lipstick

The Lustrous Colour Lipstick by Revlon adds a glossy finish to any look while effectively plumping up the lips with instant moisturising properties. The non-irritating formula containing vitamin e and avocado oil enhances and enables the natural hydration of the skin of the lips. Moreover, it also contains other natural and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, mango and coconut.

It comes in a 9 g, creamy and easy to apply bar and it’s offered in 42 different shades of rich colour. The lustrous colour technology offers sophisticated yet natural colouring. This lipstick has a light and rejuvenating texture, thanks to its natural ingredients, it provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and revitalisation to your lips.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about lipstick

Before purchasing any lipstick product, you should be familiar with all the specific characteristics of the product you wish to buy. Considering the wide variety of styles and benefits that lipsticks have nowadays, you’ll want to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. In the next sections, we’ve included the most relevant features to consider including colour, moisturising properties, ingredients and so much more. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the necessary information in order to make the right choice. Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions among users.

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Although some adverse reactions from lipstick have been experienced, they are strictly regulated and safe products to buy in Canada.
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What is lipstick exactly?

Lipsticks are cosmetics intended to give extra colour and texture to the lips. Lipstick has been used for various purposes since the times of early civilisation. In ancient Mesopotamia, for example, lip colouring techniques and materials were found to have been used and integrated into their culture. Many civilisations used them to enhance beauty, for health benefits and for ceremonial purposes. Since then, the use, formulation and design of lipstick products has evolved considerably.

Even though their technology has progressed, they are still being made to fulfil many of the same purposes as in ancient times. Nowadays however, lipsticks are just one more cosmetic within the elaborate makeup routines of millions of individuals all around the world. Because of their diversity, lip products are still used in a huge variety of settings and cultures for a multitude of purposes. In Canada today, there is a massive variety of lipsticks that you can find in all the imaginable formats, formulations, colours and with multiple finishes.

Lipsticks in different shades of red and pink, closeup

Pastel toned colours are extremely popular among consumers.
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Why should we use lipstick?

Why are we painting our lips? Most people think it’s just a matter of accentuating beauty and self expression. The reality is however, that the use of lipstick brings many more benefits than we initially think of – not just aesthetic. Wearing lipstick can provide us with psychological and physiological benefits as well. Cosmetically speaking, lipstick is used to enhance the shape, dimension and tone of our lips, framing and bringing more attention when we smile.

Nonetheless, they can do so much more, they also moisturise and have the ability to plump up the lips, giving them greater volume and thickness. Depending on the type of lipstick you choose, you can give your lips completely distinct features, looks and qualities. You can opt for a thicker, brighter, more elegant feel or a fresh and subtle, more informal look. Because there is such a large market for these products, the possibilities are truly endless!

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For optimal results, it is recommended to follow certain steps when painting your lips.
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As mentioned before, using lipstick highlights the teeth, giving our smile extra sparkle and shine. As far as health is concerned however, and depending on the brand and quality of the product you choose, lipstick cosmetics can protect your lips against many potentially harmful external conditions. They create a barrier that combats excessive cold, heat, dry air and dehydration. Some of them even incorporate some sort of protection against UV radiation, acting as a sunblock.

A lesser known fact is that wearing lipstick has also been associated with certain psychological benefits. Using lipstick or lip gloss has been shown to increase self-confidence. Makeup connoisseurs will often say that using lipstick helps foster stronger feelings of personal strength and perseverance, especially during the lower moments in life. These products can make one feel more attractive and more comfortable with ones self. At the end of the day, putting a little more effort into enhancing the natural beauty that’s already there, can ultimately translate into a more positive attitude.

What is lipstick made out of?

Each lipstick contains specific ingredients in specific proportions, each brand differing from the next. However, all lipsticks are manufactured based on 4 basic components. These are waxes, oil, alcohol and pigments. Each of them has characteristics and properties that, in different combinations, give rise to the lipsticks Canadians know and love today.

In addition to these 4 main components, lipsticks often include preservatives, antioxidants and/or various aromatic compounds. In terms of proportions, oils and waxes make up about 60% of the product. Alcohol and pigments make up the remaining 25% leaving the remaining 15% for all other ingredients. The following table summarises the main characteristics of each of the main components of lipsticks.

Ingredients Characteristics Examples
Wax Provides body and consistency to the lipstick, it facilitates its application. It can be of bees, candlelit and carnauba.
Oils The favour the even distribution of lipstick, giving lips brightness and hydration. They can be mineral oils, vegetable oil, lanolin and butters.
Alcohol It is used as solvent for waxes and oils. Used as solvent for waxes and oils
Pigment Adds colour to the lipstick. Iron oxide, fluorescein, talc, kaolin, titanium, mica, etc.
Preservatives and antioxidants Prevent cosmetic product degradation and promote cosmetic product durability. Prevent cosmetic product degradation and promote cosmetic product durability.
Aromas Give a pleasant fragrance to the product. Essential oils.

What types of lipstick exist on the Canadian market?

The evolution that the cosmetic industry has undergone has carried over into the world of lipsticks. In the beginning, the only lipsticks available were the classic options, primarily in reddish tones. Today however, the variety of lipsticks available to Canadians is truly incredible, with hundreds and thousands of colours, textures and shapes to choose from and all with varying designs. Generally speaking, there are 5 main types of lipstick according their format.

These are lipsticks are classified into bar/stick, pencil, liquid, cream or marker formats. However, based on how they are made and the ingredients within them, lipsticks can still provide varied results within similar designs. Depending on its specific elements, we can have shorter or longer-lasting lipsticks, mattes or other options that can have a creamier, glossy or a more matte finish.

Beauty Make-up. Portrait Of Beautiful Young Woman With Fake Eyelashes Applying Black Mascara On Lashes, Holding Brush In Hand. Sexy Female With Soft Skin And Perfect Makeup. Cosmetics. High Resolution

Beauty Make-up. Portrait Of Beautiful Young Woman With Fake Eyelashes Applying Black Mascara On Lashes, Holding Brush In Hand. Sexy Female Don’t forget to remove lipstick after all day use.
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Each brand and style of lipsticks have specific characteristics, with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below, we have designed a table detailing all the types of lipsticks and all the qualities and properties they possess, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Lipstick format Advantages Disadvantages
Bar or Stick Convenient and practical format.
Easy to apply.
Can provide Deep hydration
Short term wear/duration.
Lip Pencil Simple application.
Maximum precision, very well defined lips.
Variable duration
Requires technique to obtain optimum results.
Liquid Long duration.
Great variety of finishes.
Applicators are incorporated for ease of use.
Favours hydration
Difficult application.
Cream Simple application.
Pleasant and soft texture.
They moisturise the lips.
They usually leave stains.
Lip Marker Very easy to use.
High precision.
Long-lasting results.
Often cause dry lips.
Stains Long-term results.
They don’t leave stains.
They tend to dry out the lips.
Matte Elegant and solid colour effect.
Opaque and intense colour.
Tends to dry out the lips.
Semi-Matte Sophisticated and modern colouring.
Greater lip hydration than matte.
Less opacity and colour duration than matte.
Moisturising Colour Great variety of tones.
Pleasant velvety consistency.
Deep hydration.
Shorter colour duration.
They can leave spots and require touch-ups.
Glossy The give an informal, fresh and carefree look and feel.
Make the lips look juicy.
Easily combined with other lipsticks.
Sticky texture.
Short duration.

When should I use lipstick?

Fortunately, there are no strict rules that determine or limit their use. Because lipsticks are so practical and versatile, you can always find a finish that you can used at any given occasion. Moreover, there is no official minimum age where the use lipstick is advised or discouraged. All lipsticks are made to be used at the consumers own discretion.

On a practical level, lipstick can be used in any situation, from a casual poker night at a friends house, to a black tie event. During special occasions, one can choose to wow the crowd with vibrant colours or create a softer, subtler look to compliment to natural features of the face. The ease with which lipstick can be slipped into the pocket or purse make them easy to incorporate into our day to day makeup routine, allowing us to be able to apply them anywhere.

It’s good to have multiple types of lipstick for all moods and occasions.

How to apply lipstick?

It’s likely that you have painted your lips at one time or another. But did you really know how to do it right? The following is a step-by-step explanation of the correct and complete technique for applying lipstick. For starters, we shouldn’t just apply lipstick and be done with it. For best results, it’s important to prime the lips beforehand to enable the product to stick and absorb into the lips properly.

A good way to do this is by exfoliating the lips and hydrating them with lip balm. Using a pre-base is another option to further enhance the effects of the lipstick, although this step is optional. Lip liner is often used to exaggerate the dimension of the lips once they’re coloured in, acting as a faint outline. We then move on to applying the lipstick itself, starting from the centre and moving to the outside of the lips ensures full and even coverage.

woman take lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most important pieces in completing your look.
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It’s important to find a lipstick that can cover all the cracks and corners of the lips. It’s a good idea to apply two, if not three layers of whatever product you choose. To remove excess lipstick or smudges, simply use a finger to press into the outer edges of the lips, squeezing in towards centre – you can also blot away any excess product with a Kleenex.

To increase the duration of your lipstick, press the lips with a piece of paper, add another layer and apply setting powder on top. If you want a juicer, more luscious effect, we can complement the lipstick with a top coat of lip gloss. As you can see, colouring and accentuating the lips can be a more intricate process than it originally may seem. It requires certain levels of creativity, technique and proper dexterity.

Colorful lipstick

There is a plethora of different colours available amongst the various kinds of lip products.
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How to remove lipstick?

We often overlook the importance of removing make-up at the end of the day. In addition to knowing how to paint your lips, you should also know how to remove it properly. You may be asking yourself what is the best way remove lipstick and what products should you use? Below, dermatologist and skin expert Patricia Cerda takes us through how we can effectively use and remove lipstick tonsure the continued health and vitality of our lips.

Cerda recommends using cleansing products specifically designed for these delicate areas of the body and face. In these cases, she recommends eye and lip make-up removing gels, which are available in cosmetic stores and most general markets and drug stores.

These make-up removing products allow the removal of lipstick in a way that is delicate and respectful of this delicate skin. They are effective even on the most permanent lipstick colours.

Are there any adverse effects associated with using lipstick?

The harmful effects of lipstick have created some controversy among consumers, activists and members of the general population on social networks. However, it is important to analyse and interpret all information correctly. On one hand, it is true that certain components in lipsticks can be harmful, such is the case with parabens, certain dyes and/or lead.

These compounds can cause lip irritation, cell damage or even hormonal alterations. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most manufacturers are under strict regulation in regards to the ingredients and production of their cosmetic products. Quality controls and agencies severely restrict the amount of potentially harmful products allowed in lipsticks, decreasing the potential of any negative side effects caused by toxic components.

Beauty Face. Beautiful Woman Touching Lips With Lip Balm On

When applying a lipstick we can also use a pre-base.
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Overall, lipsticks are considered safe and highly regulated cosmetics. However, this does not mean that all lip products are 100% safe, and it is advisable to thoroughly research each brand and avoid lipsticks containing harmful products as much as possible. Some companies base their products off of all natural ingredients, a great option for those with sensitive skin or those who are environmentally conscious. In addition, it is important to assess individual allergies or pathologies that make the body more susceptible to adverse reactions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing lipstick?

As we have seen, lipsticks are cosmetics whose advantages extend beyond the aesthetic realm. However, like any product we use or consume, it also has certain drawbacks one should consider. Below, we’ve created a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of using lipsticks.

  • Different beneficial effects depending on the product
  • They brighten our smile
  • Protection against harmful external agents
  • They can optimise the way we care for our lips
  • Greater self-confidence and positive attitude
  • Possible dehydration of the lips
  • They provide effects of variable durations
  • Unwanted reactions in specific cases

Purchase Criteria

When buying a lipstick, it is important to evaluate all the different features it offers. Below, we’ve created a list of the most relevant characteristics that you should consider before purchasing any lipstick product. In doing this, you can effectively compare and contrast all the different styles and brands to find the lipstick that satisfies your needs for whatever occasion.

Facial features

When choosing one lipstick or another, it is very important that you pay attention to the lines and individual characteristics of your face. The size of your lips, your eyes, the colour of your skin and hair, and the shape of your face are important aspects to consider. All these details will make one lipstick more favourable than the other.

For example, if you have small lips, using lighter shades gives the appearance of more voluminous lips. On the contrary, dark colours are better to reduce the perceived size of larger lips. For thin lips, glossy products are recommended, while matte finishes are preferred by those with thick lips.

International make-up artist David Molina offers us his advice when considering colours for different facial tones. Pale skinned individuals are very lucky, as almost any colour can be used to compliment whatever look they are going for. However, those of darker skins tones have to be a bit more particular, as some tones can enhance certain features undesirably, causing an odd contrast of colours. For these individuals, the best allies are warm colours, such as brown or gold.


One of the main, and more obvious, aspects to keep in mind when choosing a lipstick is its colour and pigmentation. The choice of colour will depend on several factors. Mostly it will depend on personal taste and preference. You should always choose the lipstick you feel will look the best on you. This will change of course, depending on the time of year, the occasion and your outfit for the day.

In summer, for example, cool, warm and light shades are more pleasing. Pink, fuchsia and red tones will always be more intense and vibrant. In the winter, darker shades are usually preferred, such as brown, deep red or maroon. Changing style and hair colour also greatly influences which lipstick we decide to use.

Blonde hair, for example, stands out when you accent it with red and brown tones. Natural pastel colours and other light tones on the other hand, stand out in those with darker hair. For red hair, coral and toasted tones are the best. In short, there are many variables to take into account. Apply common sense, and let your instincts guide you to choose the one that makes you look and feel the best.

Format and packaging

As mentioned above, lipstick products are available in a number of different formats. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, all of which you should asses. If you know that you frequently suffer from dry lips for example, it’s wise to opt for glossier lipsticks or cream formats.

These types of lipsticks provide a certain degree of hydration. Similarly, try to avoid lipsticks that come in easy to apply “pen” formats, as they tend to dry out lip skin. If you are someone who always wants a perfect and defined finish, lip pencils will be the ideal choice.

If you’re looking for long-lasting colour, liquid lipsticks and felt-tip pens will provide the best results. Avoid creamy and sticky lipsticks, as these wear off quite fast and require frequent reapplication.


Another fundamental aspect to keep in mind is the kind of finish you are looking for. As we’ve seen throughout this article, lipsticks can provide a wide variety of results. What will be the basis for choosing one finish over another? Ultimately, you have to take into account the pros and cons of each and evaluate the best option for you.

Matte lipsticks are very fashionable trend in recent years, their diversity has exploded on Canadian markets. These products are ideal for achieving an elegant and glamorous look. Nonetheless, they tend to often dry out the lips. The same goes for more permanent, stain lipsticks. These formats allow you to keep your makeup clean and vibrant for many hours, but they are not recommended for persons with dry lips.

For greater hydration, creamy lipsticks are preferable. Shiny glosses can also be a great choice, giving your look an informal and subtle sparkle. As you can see, when it comes to lipstick products there are a number of possible options available. Make sure to always choose the product that you believe will provide the results you wish to obtain.


The distinct characteristics and properties within lipsticks make them more or less suitable for a plethora of different occasions. To choose a lipstick, you’ll need to think about what type of situation you will be needing it for. Let’s give a few examples: Natural, light-coloured lipsticks are fantastic for informal, everyday looks. Both matte and glossy finishes are equally good choices in these instances.

For more glamorous events, you’ll probably need a more distinguished and classy look. Try lipsticks in pencil form for a perfectly precise finish. Either matte or gloss finishes can be used depending on your preferences and whether your lips have e tendency to dry out. Nonetheless, keep in mind that long-lasting lipsticks will be very useful to ensure radiance and deep colour that lasts throughout the night.


Last but not least, we must always take the time to review the composition and ingredients that make up our cosmetics. As you have learned throughout this guide, most lipsticks are generally very safe products that have undergone rigorous quality control processes. However, there are certain components that have been described as dangerous or potentially harmful to some.

You should always opt for lipsticks with the lowest quantities or a complete absence of these toxic substances. In addition, those who suffer from certain allergies, skin pathologies or sensitivities should take special care when choosing cosmetic products. In such cases, it is essential to ensure that the product you choose is made free of any potentially harmful components to your health.


By now, it’s very likely that your idea of what lipstick is has changed a bit since the beginning of the article. We have shown you that lipsticks aren’t just tools for colouring your lips. They have many other beneficial properties, both at the level of lip care and in terms of psychological benefits. It’s amazing to think of all the amazing qualities a touch of colour can provide.Tired of always seeing yourself exactly the same?

Do you want to add something completely different to your look? Lipstick could be your new magic wand, transforming your whole appearance in a matter of seconds. The creation of multiple forms of lipstick, and the numerous styles of finishes, has put an end to the dull uniformity of using lip products. Shape your features, boost your inner and outer glow and allow yourself the positive energy and confidence boost that comes from the use of a good lipstick.

So, do you know which lipstick you’re going to go out and buy? If you liked our lipstick guide, share it on social networks or leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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