Surely you love having a clean house, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? In order to maintain it there is usually a cleaning routine in place. This routine will most likely include the use of a variety of appliances, including a handheld vacuum cleaner. With this device you will not only be able to clean every corner of your home, but also your car and hard to reach spaces.

In the market you will find different models of handheld vacuums that offer different features. In order to make the best purchase you should choose the device that suits your needs best. So, the most important thing when it comes to purchasing this product is that you have a clear idea of what you should be looking for. That’s why we’ve prepared this shopping guide so you can make the best, most informed decision.

Key Facts

  • Handheld vacuums are appliances that have different accessories – these will depend on the work you need them to do.
  • When buying a device of this type it is essential that you pay attention to its power capacity. The suction power will depend on this information.
  • Before purchasing your hand vac you must be clear about what you are going to use it for. Depending on the intended use you will need one model or another.

Ranking: The best handheld vacuum cleaners on the market

In this guide we’re going to show you the different things to keep in mind before buying a hand vac. But first, let us show you the five best models you will find on the Canadian market. Discovering their different features can be key to making your final decision, so pay attention.

No. 1: HoLife, 4Kpa Cordless Handheld Vacuum

This cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight yet powerful. It has different nozzles for picking up dirt in the kitchen, car, as well as liquids and hair. It has 4KPA suction and a 2,200mAh battery. This means it provides a stable 4,000PA cyclonic suction for easily cleaning even the most annoying messes.

Another great feature of this product is that it has a triple filtration system for capturing even the smallest particles. The eco-friendly filter can be easily detached and cleaned with water. This product comes with a 30 day money back & 12 month worry-free guarantee. Reviewers are pleasantly surprised with the good quality for such an affordable price.

No. 2: BLACK + DECKER, BDH2000PL Pivot Vacuum

This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with lithium technology for strong suction and fade-free power, provided by the 20V MAX lithium ion battery. It boasts of a light weight design for easy carrying. It also comes with an onboard crevice tool and a brush that are always on hand with the vacuum. Buyers report being surprised by the power of this vacuum being of such compact size.

Its distinctive pivoting nose feature enables easy cleaning for all the hard to reach areas such as cupboards, tall shelves and in between couch cushions to name a few. Cleaning the filter and the device are both easy. The item offers a side door function for emptying dirt. For a more thorough clean, simply remove the entire bowl from the unit and wash it with water.

No. 3: BLACK + DECKER, CHV1410L Cordless Dust Buster

The hand vac provides consumers with strong suction and fade-free power. It has smart charge technology that helps protect its battery life, maintaining long run times. Its nozzle has rotating capabilities to target dirt in tight spaces. This vac also has 50-percent more reach that previous B&D designs, which helps with accessibility and less bending.

Buyers report using it on everything form carpet to ceramic tile to furniture and more. It is also said the translucent bagless dirt bowl is easy to empty and the filter being machine washable is also a plus.

No. 4: HoLife, 6Kpa Cordless handheld vac

This handheld cordless vacuum featured cyclonic suction boasts of long hours of work and quick charge abilities. Suitable for interiors, exteriors, liquids, hair and vehicles. Vacuums up all kinds of normal dirt.

This appliances’ rechargeable battery is fully charged in less than five hours while being able to work 25-30 minutes continuously. It comes with a crevice nozzle, a rubber nozzle, a round dusting brush. These accessories are what you need to get the most out of your hand vac. This cordless and compact vac is amongst consumers favourite household products.

No. 5: Homasy, Cordless fast charge hand vac.

This is a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is portable and light-weight, weighing in at only 2.6 lbs. It’s been ergonomically designed to give you freedom of movement. The filter is easy to clean and reusable. It has a high-performance copper motor. Despite its suction, it hardly makes any noise.

This device has a quick charge system of less than four hours. In that time it achieves autonomy for about twenty minutes. It sucks up both liquids and solids. It has three nozzles. The rubber nozzle is for liquids, the slit nozzle for narrow spaces and the brush nozzle for hair removal, it also comes with a hose extension.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about handheld vacuums

As you have may seen by now, most hand vacs have many common features. However, you will find few key features that will differentiate them. This guide is designed to help you make the best possible purchase. Therefore, in the following sections you will learn everything you need to know to about these household items.


Handheld vacuums perform different tasks than other types of vacuums.(Source: Mironov: 59922831/

What is a hand vac and how does it work?

A handheld vacuum cleaner is an appliance that, unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, is small in size and used for specific tasks and areas. In other words, it would be unthinkable to use it for the floor of the house – but not foot rails, window rails or behind a piece of furniture. They are easy to operate and barely makes any noise.

These appliances are designed both for those small cleaning tasks around the home and for a more complete clean in the car. They usually have enough suction power to remove the most hidden dirt. Many models also have the capacity to vacuum liquids, this is usually an important feature to look for.


When making your purchase it’s important to make sure the product chosen has a good quality-price ratio.(Source: Khasawong: 16844821/

To summarize, a handheld vacuum cleaner does not replace the traditional vacuum cleaner, but it does provide extra functions the size of a regular vacuum prevent it from providing. So in a home, both appliances can coexist peacefully and actually quite symbiotically, as they perform different functions. You will make the most out of this device when keeping your home and car clean.

In this table you can see some of its functions:

Function Capability?
Cleaning floors No, except for a specific target area
Difficult to access corners Yes
Cleaning cars Yes
Cleaning rails Yes
Cleaning pet hair Yes
Cleaning Liquids Some models

How can a handheld vacuum be used?

The truth is that the use of the hand vac is very simple. It should be clear that it is necessary to charge cordless devices long enough in order to used them for an entire cleaning session. When it comes to cleaning, you have to focus the nozzle of the vacuum on the place where the dirt is and do it at a short distance.

It’s recommended to turn off the vacuum cleaner for a couple of minutes, if using it for a prolonged period of time to avoid overheating. If the main mouthpiece doesn’t work for the job you need it for, remember to use one of the accessories. You can also use the brush nozzle independently to clean chairs, curtains and sofas.

How do you clean a hand vac?

If you want your hand vac to work at its best, you must keep it clean. Try to wash the accessories every time you use them and dry them well. Empty the tank when necessary. Do it near the trash to make it easier and contain the dust. Dust bowls are often easily accessible for easy maintenance.

When you have access to the tank and it is very clean, take the opportunity to clean the filter as well. You can do it with water and if you want with a little soap. When it is clean and dry, put it back in place. Once the vacuum cleaner is clean, we recommend that you charge it so that its ready next time you need it.

Which is better a handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with or without a cord?

When it comes to buying your vacuum cleaner you will find two main types; with cord or cordless. The former are in sharp decline, as they are less practical in some respects. For example, you are always dependent on a plug and may also have mobility and accessibility issues. The good thing about these models is that you will never have to worry about loosing power before you’re done your task.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is more comfortable because you can take it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about finding a plug or the length of the cord. A less known fact is that many models can actually be connected to a car’s cigarette lighter. Keep in mind however, if the battery runs out, you will have to wait several hours for it to charge before you can use it again.

The following table will help you compare the main differences between the two types:

Vacuum with cord Vacuum without cord
Autonomy You will not worry about their endurance They have a limited autonomy
Battery It is not necessary to charge them You will need to charge them for hours
Mobility You must change plugs You can carry it everywhere
Suction It has more suction power It is less powerful

Handheld, standing ‘broom’ or smart vacuum cleaner?

The truth is that both broom vacuum cleaner and a smart vacuum cleaner are very useful appliances. Having them is perfectly compatible with having a handheld vacuum cleaner as well, since they perform very different functions. The standing vacuum cleaner serves to clean floors and large surfaces, but it lacks the ability to reach corners and small spaces well.

The smart vacuum is very convenient for cleaning floors and it reaches corners very well. It allows for mindless work, given that once you turn it on, its operation is completely autonomous. It leaves the floors perfect and there are even some models that can scrub the floor. The price tag on these models reflect it’s many impressive capabilities.


Like anything else, you can find many options of vacuums on the market with varying price tags.(Source: Imagemax: 82161599/

A handheld vacuum cleaner serves to reach places that the other two devices do not reach. Like for the cleaning of vehicles – something impossible to do with the other two models. Therefore, if you have a standing vacuum cleaner or a smart vacuum cleaner you can still benefit from using a handheld vacuum cleaner. Again we emphasize, they perform completely different tasks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of handheld vacuums?

It’s time to review the advantages and disadvantages of hand vacs. The key points below will help you make a definitive decision at the time of purchase.

  • Reaches every corner
  • Can be used to clean vehicles
  • Many models pick up liquids
  • Not suitable for cleaning the large areas
  • Little suction power

The biggest advantage in the end is that it makes the job of keeping a clean home and car much more manageable. As Japanese organization writer and consultant Marie Kondo said:

“Cleanliness is the act of facing oneself”.

Purchase Criteria

As you may have seen, there are a number of criteria to consider when buying a hand vac. Make sure not to overlook important details so that you can make the best possible purchase. After reviewing the following aspects you will be ready to make a successful final decision.

  • Power
  • Autonomy
  • Noise Level
  • Cleaning
  • Accessories
  • Ergonomics
  • Quality


The power is an aspect that you must take into account – its suction capabilities depends on it. You should know that if you choose a wired hand vacuum. it will be more powerful than a cordless one. It is important to assess whether it will be for sporadic use or consistent use. In the latter case, you need a model with more power.


If you bet on a wireless hand vac, pay attention to its durability. We recommend that you get a product that has at least 20 minute continuous battery power. Otherwise, it is likely you will often run out of juice before finishing the task, for example, when cleaning the car. It would be a waste of time having to leave the cleaning half done to recharge the vacuum cleaner.

Noise Level

You may not be paying too much attention to this aspect at first. But it is very annoying to be using something that emits a lot of noise, for you and those around you. Also, if you have a baby, this could limit its use. So, try to make sure the decibels aren’t above 80, this way the noise it emits should be quite bearable.


Cleaning the vacuum cleaner should be simple. It is an advantage if it has a reusable filter, which is easy to remove. You’ll just have to clean it to use it over and over again. The dirt deposit box should also be able to be cleaned thoroughly without any hassle. Keep these things in mind so that you don’t end up with any extra work associated with the use of this machine, saving you time and effort.

Charles DarwinEnglish Naturalist

“A man who is willing to waste an hour of his time has not discovered the value of life.”


The accessories that come with your hand vac will determine its versatility. Think carefully about what you’re going to use it for and from there decide which accessories are essential to you. This is important because if you don’t chose well, you won’t get the most use from it and end up considering it a bad investment. Nobody wants that.


The ergonomic design of the vacuum cleaner is key to making it comfortable and easy to use. This important because if you are not satisfied with this aspect you won’t be motivated to use it. You will probably leave it to collect dust in a closet, which is no way to make the most out of an investment, in that case, you might as well through your money away.

First, consider the weight. Think that you are going to use the vacuum with only one arm and that if it is excessive it can be very annoying. Make sure the on/off button is on the handle so you can turn the vacuum on and off with the same hand you hold it. Other options will be less organic.

Finally, let’s talk specifically about the handle. Make sure it’s comfortable. It’s best if it has a rounded shape. The hand should adopt a natural posture when vacuuming.


Remember that the handle should not cause you any discomfort when cleaning. Neither at the time of handling it nor afterwards.


Try to buy a quality product that offers you interesting features. A prestigious brand is always a guarantee of success, and they usually have great product warranties. Nonetheless, you can sometimes find products from unknown suppliers with interesting features and of great quality. Check that all its elements have the quality standards you expect.


Handheld vacuums have become essential appliances in Canadian homes. They are compatible with other types of vacuum cleaners, as they perform tasks other vacuums can’t. They’ll help you keep your house clean, down to the very last corner. Also, it will make cleaning your car so easy you’ll always do it yourself.
Keep in mind that you will find many different models of handheld vacuums in the market. So, first decide which features are vital to you and then checkout what each device has to offer. In this article we have given you everything you need to take into account in order to make the best possible purchase. Don’t forget to refer to these lines when the time comes.

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