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For many Canadians, a dog is as much a part of the family as anyone else. They bring people happiness, help people feel much less lonely, and can even have a big positive impact on mental health. If you are going to properly look after a dog, you are going to have to take its needs into consideration, and this means places to rest and sleep.

To make sure your dog can rest and sleep comfortably in its own space, it’s always a good idea to get a dog bed. Just like us, they look for a comfortable, quality mattress, and we should also take care to keep in mind the different features of dog beds to ensure our pets’ comfort and well being.

Key Facts

  • Always consider what your dog’s unique needs are (e.g. size requirements) before purchasing them a dog beg
  • You can have your dog sleep with you if you like, but keep in mind that this is a decision you must keep for life since they will be very confused if you change your mind.
  • It is always preferable to have your dog sleep inside in Canada. This is better for a dog psychologically, but it is also necessary to protect them from the harsh Canadian elements, and sometimes (depending on where you live) from wild animals.

The best dog beds on the Canadian market

Here you’ll find a ranking of the five most popular dog beds on the market at the moment. We’ve also given a detailed summary of each product’s characteristics. This will let you get a dog bed that is best suited for your pet’s unique needs, disposition, and even age

Best Friends By Sheri – Luxury Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri’s Luxury Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler is a top of the line donut cuddler puppy bed made from high quality, non-irritating faux fur shag that envelops your dog to provide them with a comfortable, warm place to rest and sleep. This is a great bed for dogs that like to sleep curled up, and for those who need extra comfort while they rest. This bed feels like a mother’s coat, and it comes in a range of different sizes to accommodate different-sized dogs (or cats).

In order to ensure that your dog’s fur doesn’t become a matted mess, you can put this bed directly into the drier after washing so that your pet doesn’t have to sleep on a wet surface. It comes in a variety of different neutral colours, so this bed looks great in any home. This is particularly a great bed for older animals who might have joint problems or other ailments, and for homes with a lot of hardwood or non-carpet flooring materials. The Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddler will give your dog the comfortable, luxurious rest and relaxation he or she need to be at their best.

Best Friends By Sheri – Deep Dish Dog Cuddler

The Deep Dish Dog Cudder is another great dog bed from well-respected pet accessory manufacturer Best Friends By Sheri. This luxury faux fur dog bed comes in standard and jumbo sizes to fit all dog breeds. Whether your pet likes to cuddle or to sprawl out, this is a great bed made to give them the peaceful, comfortable rest they need to function and behave well. This bed is simple to clean and be both machine washed and dried so your pet always has its favourite bed clean and ready to use.

This product is made from only the best pet-safe materials that will not aggravate sensitive skin, or skin conditions. The 12 inche rear bolster is great for dogs with joint pain, and the 9 inch front bolster provides ample orthodic support so that your dog never wakes up stiff and uncomfortable. These beds are stuffed with virgin AirLOFT fibres which are extra durable and will mean this bed will stand the test of time. Plush enough, but firm in all the right places, this will easily become your pet’s favourite resting place.

LaiFug – Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

LaiFug makes a really good quality orthopaedic memory foam bed for dogs with special comfort needs due to old age and joint pain. This two-inch density memory foam provides impressive orthopaedic support and conforms to your dog’s body to ensure they are always comfortable and supported in all the right places. Another nice feature of this bed is the waterproof liner, which helps protect the dog from anything liquid, and makes cleaning the entire thing much easier should an elderly dog have an accident while it is resting/sleeping.

This is a large-sized dog bed, measuring 46 x 28 inches and is capable of comfortably supporting the weight of a 34 kg-plus dog. There is a small step-up on this bed, but your pet will easily get used to it and will absolutely fall in love with this specially designed dog bed. Many dogs, even older dogs with joint problems, still like sleeping on hardwood or kitchen tiles (despite it not being best for them), but this bed will quickly convert almost any dog thanks to how comfortable it is.

Best Pet Supplies – Pet Tent

The Pet Tent from Best Pet Supplies is an enclosed den-like space designed for both dogs and cats that provides comfort, warmth, and the privacy that your pet needs to feel safe and protected. This indoor bed looks great in any room of the home and comes in medium to extra-large sizing. It is machine washable and dryable, and despite the soft material, it is incredibly durable and can even be used to carry a dog or cat around while the animal is still in it.

This is a great bed because dogs, despite being the fully domesticated and human-dependent animals that they are, still instinctually look for certain kinds of places to rest and sleep. The covered area of this bed provides a great place to relax and feel at peace, especially for smaller dogs who might feel more vulnerable in wide open spaces. This bed blends into any decor or room layout, is easy to take with you and transport, and will likely become one of your pet’s preferred sleeping places right away.

PetFusion – Ultimate Dog Lounge and Bed

Pet Fusion’s simple to assemble Ultimate Dog Lounge and Bed is a one of a kind memory foam deluxe dog bed and provides perfect support and comfort for dogs of any age with joint problems. For something so high-quality, it is surprisingly easy to clean, and the removable cover is completely machine washable. It comes in small, medium, large, extra large, and jumbo sizes so you can get something that perfectly accommodates a dog of any size. This is a water and tear resistant fabric, so your pet can get in and out with ease, while you don’t have to worry about the product’s longevity.

The 4-inch memory foam mattress provided almost unparalleled comfort for older canines with arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems. The polyester-cotton blend is durable while being perfectly soft and supportive.  The waterproofed fabric is another very nice option because it takes into consideration that fact that older dogs often have trouble getting up to let you know they need to go outside, or simply can’t control their bladders sometimes.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about dog beds

Getting sufficient rest is just as important for dogs as it is for human beings, and that means having a good quality, comfortable, safe place to do it. Before choosing a dog bed, it is also important to know what you’re looking for. Therefore in this section, we will address the most common questions about dog beds:

jack russell terrier dog resting having a siesta upside down on his bed with his teddy bear, tired and sleepy

Buying a nice bed for your dog is important to make sure they are comfortable at home. (Source: Damedeeso: 85567449/

Does the right dog bed depend on your dog?

The short answer is 100 per cent yes. If you have a larger breed like a German Shepard or a Rottweiler, they are going to need a much different type of bed than a Chihuahua or a Jack Russell Terrier. The latter, however, can sleep in a larger dog’s bed, but it does not work the other way around for big dogs. Bigger dogs need a bed which is suitable for their weight, and so they need a mattress with better-quality padding.

Furthermore, if your dog has a medical condition, especially anything to do with muscle and joint pain, they’re going to need a well-padded bed that is also supportive to keep them healthy and happy. Memory foam beds are usually made for dogs like this. It is also advisable to check that the dog bed is not made from materials which may cause allergies.

M.K. ClintonAmerican writer
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog”.

Can I place the dog bed in the garden?

Most Canadians see their dogs as equal members of their family along with anybody else. Having a dog sleep in the backyard is not as common as it used to be. We now realise that dogs, like us, feel the cold and the heat, and sleeping outside can expose them to unpleasant weather. But if your dog likes its own space and is more independent, you can put a bed in his or her kennel, at least when it’s not as cold out.

In any case, many dogs will feel sad if they are not allowed to sleep inside with their family. This can make them feel lonely or stressed and they may respond by barking. This, of course, can be very annoying to your neighbours. For your dog’s mental health (perhaps even for their safety) and to ensure your neighbours are not bothered, it is better to let a dog sleep in the house.

Sleeping dachshund puppy

There are dog beds in different sizes and styles.
(Source: Hannamariah: 26523935/

Can my dog sleep in my bed with me?

This is entirely your decision, but you should spend some time getting to know a dog and its personality before making that decision. They may sleep with you in your bed thinking it will make you happy but in reality, they prefer not to. Understand from the get-go whether your dog’s unique personality or breed-specific requirements influence how and where they sleep.

As we already mentioned, once your dog gets used to sleeping in a certain place, it can be difficult to change that. This means that you need to be able to ensure that once you’ve established a routine of them sleeping in your bed, you keep to it. If you all of a sudden start banning them from the bed, they might interpret this as a punishment.

Is it a good idea to put my dog’s bed close to my bed?

Always keep in mind that your dog may end up being a big snorer, pass a lot of gas, or get up often during the night to eat and drink. You might end up not sleeping well because of it, so you may decide not to sleep in the same bed or room with them.

If you don’t want to share your bed with a dog, you need to ensure they understand and follow your rules as soon as you bring him or her into your house. If they aren’t allowed on the bed, don’t let them up, and correct the behaviour if they start trying to push boundaries. I

Dogs are often used in Canada to help improve the mental health of people suffering in terminal care units in hospitals, or to brighten the day of elderly people living in extended care facilities.

Where should I put my dog bed?

Think about the most suitable spots where your pet will be able to sleep comfortably, as well as helping you get a good night’s rest. Setting up this space in the living room or kitchen is a good idea because these tend to be the most pleasant rooms in the house in terms of temperature.

You can always have a dog bed in your room while you sleep, but be aware that your pet may end up wanting to sleep beside you. You need to set ground rules and stick to them if you want to develop a positive relationship with your dog.

Woman Tenderly Hugging German Shepherd Dog

To make sure your dog uses their bed, make sure it is a comfortable one they will love. (Source: christingasner: 27625946/

Where should my dog sleep if I have a small home?

Even if you live in a small house or unit it is a good idea to reserve a space for your dog’s bed and toys. As much as your pet loves you, they need their alone time and private space for rest and relaxation. There should be somewhere in your home where you can find this for them.

Keep in mind that whenever you choose a space for them, it tends to stay that way, as dogs like routines and are habitual creatures. So make sure to choose somewhere comfortable, convenient and where you can tell your dog feels at ease.

What are orthopaedic dog beds?

There are specially designed dog beds made from memory foam that are made for older dogs and dogs with joint/spinal problems. This type of foam adapts to the shape and posture of the animal. They are really a great option for any dog because they are extra comfortable and supportive.

You should always consider the thickness of the mattress when getting your dog an orthopaedic bed. There are a wide variety of these kinds of dog beds available, with viscoelastic mattresses, with an endless number of models, shapes, material and prices.

french bulldog dog having a sleeping and relaxing a siesta in living room, with doggy teddy bear

The more comfortable the dog bed, the better your dog sleeps.
(Source: Damedeeso: 41699727/

What are the common sleep patterns for dogs?

It is important to observe your dog’s sleeping patterns as this can be an indication of whether they feel happy and secure. Dogs like to cuddle while sleeping to keep warm and to feel safe. If you see a dog spasming, it typically means they’re having a dream.

If your dog sleeps stretched out, this means they are warm, or that they feel safe and secure. If they don’t settle down easily at night, or toss and turn a lot, it might be a sign of joint pain.

If your dog is having a nightmare, talk to them softly or say their name gently.

Is it a problem if my dog sleeps all the time?

When your dog is a puppy, he or she sleeps for probably 90 per cent of the day. As they get older, dogs develop more regular sleeping patterns and tend to sleep when their owners do. Adult dogs need around 14 hours of sleep per day. 8 hours of sleep at night, and a few naps should suffice.

Even adult dogs should keep active. If you see your dog sleeping excessively, they might be under-stimulated. If your dog sleeps all day and doesn’t want to go out and do anything, they may have either physical or psychological problems.

Aldous HuxleyBritish writer and philosopher
“To his dog, every man is Napolean, hence the constant popularity of dogs”.

What can I do to make sure my dog uses their bed?

If you just brought a dog into your home, you will want to establish certain patterns of behaviour and will need to know how to get your dog to behave as you want. If you have a small, nervous puppy you can let them sleep with you for the first few days and then gradually transition them to sleeping in their own space.

Making sure your dog’s bed is comfortable to sleep and rest in is the best way to get them to use it. You can give them a prize or reward there, so they will have a positive association with the dog bed. Don’t force or compel your dog to use it. If they don’t want to get into their bed when it’s time to sleep, it might be because it isn’t set up in a comfortable spot.


Dogs need somewhere soft to sleep in order to feel safe and warm. (Source: sharpshutter: 30799294/

What do I do if my dog destroys their beds?

Some dogs just love destroying their beds, there is no way to put it nicely. They might be agitated, or bored, and replacing beds can become quite costly. Dogs by their nature like to chew on things: it strengthens their jaws and teeth and prevents tartar. Therefore it’s a good idea to give your dog toys that they can chew on and release tension.

Aside from getting them toys to take their boredom out on, if you see your dog starting to chew its bed, you need to tell it no firmly as soon as they start, and then remove the bed. Give them the bed back a little later and see how they react. If they start to chew again, do the same thing. If they don’t start chewing again, it’s a good sign they are learning and you can reward the behaviour with treats and attention.

Shopping criteria

When buying a dog bed there are a few things to consider. Here we’ve included the most important factors you should be aware of before buying this product. This will ensure you are getting an appropriate bed for your dog’s needs and he or she is sleeping well.


To make sure dogs get adequate rest, you need to make sure their bedding material is good quality. While some dogs appear to love sleeping on hard floors, it tends not to provide great rest, especially when temperatures drop. Proper warmth and support are vital.

Material Characteristics
Foam Highly common because it’s soft, durable and inexpensive. Polyurethane foam is good for bigger, heavier dogs.
Cedar shavings Controversial. Many dog owners like this material because it smells nice and repels insects.
Synthetic fleece It’s soft and fluffy, and is the most commonly used stuffing.
Cotton There are two characteristics of this material which make it unsuitable: it tends to become lumpy that makes it uncomfortable, and it picks up bad odours.
Soft foam Soft and fluffy suitable for small dogs. For large dogs, high-density foam is more suitable. For example, polyurethane foam is common for older dogs or those with joint problems.
Viscoelastic mattress Used in orthopaedic beds. Ideal for dogs with bone, joint or spine problems, as they are very comfortable and maintains the animal’s posture.


There are two primary factors to keep in mind when choosing your dog’s bedding: it must be comfortable, and must be easy to wash and keep hygienic. Also, consider where you live in Canada and what kind of materials work best in summer and winter. If you live on the East Coast, for instance, you need to play for hot, humid summers and extremely cold winters. There are the following options:

  • Waterproof fabrics. Help keep the mattress odour-free and repel liquids well. They are simple to clean, but can sometimes be cold.
  • Synthetic leather or canvas. Very easy to clean, but not very comfortable.
  • Wood. Often the mattress will sit on a base, which can be made of wood. If you have a dog bed in one place, having a solid wood base can be good because it won’t move around as much. You should consider the fabric of the mattress separately.
  • Plastic. Plastic is commonly found in outdoor beds that make beds more waterproof. They are bad for hot climates.


The ideal shape of a bed or a mattress for a dog bed depends on how your dog likes to sleep. The size of your dog should also be factored in so that the mattress accommodates its whole body. There is a wide range of different bed styles and sizes. They include:

  • Basic cushions. Mattress or mattress of rectangular shape normally, although they can also be square or round, and available in a great variety of sizes. They can be thinner or thicker. Better for dogs that have mobility problems.
  • Nest. These are beds with raised sides. They make your dog feel more protected and can have better head support. They are not recommended for hot weather.
  • Hammocks. A hammock is made from fabric and PVC plastic material, often with holes, so they can be great for hot climates.
  • Igloo. These beds are closed and provide extra privacy. They are nice for colder areas that require adequate shelter. Also better for small dogs.
  • Sofa style. As the name suggests, they are shaped like a sofa, which makes them cosy. They often provide great head and neck support, but they are wide open, unlike the igloo.
  • Plastic beds. They might not look super comfortable, but they are the best for female dogs about to give birth, as well as for older or sick dogs.


Climate is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog bed. Some beds are made with colder temperatures in mind and use warmer materials, while others are made with hotter climates in mind and use more breathable fabric. It can be a good idea to have different dog beds for different times of the year in Canada to maximize your pet’s comfort.

You also have to keep in mind the location of the bed, and how likely it is to get dirty or wet. If you want a bed for the outdoors, it absolutely must be waterproof. If it is in an area of the house that is dusty or dirty, it should be easily cleaned.

girl with red puppy

It might seem counterintuitive but the climate is one of the most important considerations when choosing a dog bed (Source: Anna Yakimova: 17787490/


You need to make sure your dog can rest its whole body comfortably on its dog bed. Always get a bed that is of adequate dimensions to provide maximum comfort to your dog. A product almost always comes in a range of sizes.

Also, keep in mind that small dogs adapt much more easily to different bed styles and mattress fillings. If you have a large breed, you need to make sure it can rest its size and weight comfortably, which means investing in a larger, and also a comfortable bed.


Just as it is important for a human being to sleep well and get their rest, a dog also needs to do the same. Sleeping is key for both a dog’s mental and physical well-being.

A dog bed will come with a lot of different fabric, size, and material options suited for different ages, breeds, and climates. Sleep makes dogs feel good and is their respite from the outside world. You must make sure it is a comfortable one with plenty of space and warmth.

If you enjoyed our article on dog beds and found it informative, share it with friends and family on social media. Additionally, you can drop us a comment in the below section and let us know what you think.

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