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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Cats need many hours of rest per day, so having a good quality bed they enjoy using is essential. Cat’s also like to have some respite from the goings on around a home, especially when they are going to sleep. Even if your cat likes being around people and doesn’t mind curling up next to you on the sofa, they still need their own space to retreat to whenever they want.

In the following article we have laid out the different types of cat beds that are available on the Canadian market. This guide will hopefully also help you understand a bit more about your cat’s behaviour and needs. This includes how to go about living peacefully and respectfully with a cat, and some information regarding when, why, and how much they sleep. We know you will find this guide helpful when it comes time to purchase a cat bed for your furry friend.

Key Facts

  • Cats require a calm, quiet place to rest and sleep. Beds are also a great idea because they help to collect a lot of the hair that your cat will invariably shed. If your cat has a favourite spot around your home, it is a good idea to set the bed up there so that he or she will be naturally drawn to it.
  • You’ll find beds suitable to all types of cats: from distrustful or insecure animals who want an isolated corner, to those who love to wander around and be outside but still need a bed that is moisture-resistant.
  • It’s completely normal for you to want your cat wants to sleep outside, and you have beds specifically designed for this. If you want your cat with your in your bed, you should still designated a specific spot for them.

The best cat beds on the Canadian market

In the below section, you will see we have delineated some of the very best cat beds you can find on the Canadian market. Along with their names, we have also provided some of the most salient characteristics to keep in mind when choosing a bed that is best suited for your cat and your home.

AmazonBasics – Round Pet Bed

AmazonBasics makes a wide range of affordable, good-quality products, and their Round Pet Bed is quite popular in Canada. These are great beds for your cat to take a nap, and the 360 degree walls provide the sense of comfort and privacy your cat needs. The cushion of the bed is made from plush flannel for extra softness and comfort, while the sides and bottom are made of polyester canvas for strength and durability.

You can machine wash this made in cool water, but make sure to wash it separately, or you risk getting pet dander and hair all over the rest of your clothing. Use a mild detergent so as not to irritate your pets skin, mouth, or eyes. Do not put this in the dryer, however. This bed measures 20 x 20 x 6 inches and weighs roughly 1.1 pounds, so it is easy to take with you when travelling with your pet.

K & H Pet Products – Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

K & H Pet Products’ Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed is a great option for pet owners who want to provide their kitty with added security and comfort. Cats are naturally reclusive animals who enjoy places where they can hide away from the world. The removable zip-off cover and hood also allow you to control when you provide this seclusion, and when you have your cat’s bed more exposed.

The second most important and attractive feature of this bed is the fact that it is heated. Cats enjoy sleeping on top of heated surfaces (which is why you frequently find them resting on top of fresh laundry, or on top of heating vents), so they will love the small 4-watt heating pad built into this bed. The heater warms the the bed to between 10 and 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature – great for warming kitty up on those cold Canadian winter days.

Best Pet Supplies – Pet Tent For Cats and Dogs

Best Pet Supplies makes a wide range of respected and good quality pet accessories, and their pet tent for cats and dogs is no exception. This tent is extra plush and warm, providing a perfect, cozy hiding and resting place for a house cat. The Pet Tent comes in a range of colours and sizes, so you can get one to suit your pet’s unique needs. It is machine washable and easy to keep clean, and the bed’s cushion is easily removed if you wish to hand clean it.

This product is made to last, so you will likely have it throughout your cat’s entire life. They never fold or collapse in on themselves, as many beds are prone to do, and the anti-skid base ensures that it always stays in one place. This bed is meant for both cats and dogs, but it is especially suited to meet a cat’s special need for seclusion and privacy. Your cat will love the size, softness, and cover provided by this bed.

PetFusion – Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion’s Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is made specifically with a cat’s lounging and resting needs and habits in mind. This product is made from treated and bent cardboard, which cats love, and it works as a dual scratching post and bed. The cardboard is particularly great because cats actually prefer scratching and sharpening their claws against this material as opposed to wooden furniture. The material is recycled and non-irritating.

This cat bed/scratcher is also a great product thanks to its design. Cats are naturally attracted to curved resting places because it feels good on their highly flexible spines, so your cat will be drawn to this accessory right from the start. Cats are known for ignoring scratching posts, but thanks to the material, and the design, they will absolutely love this one.

Oster Professional – Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed

Oster Professional’s Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed is made to support up to 50 pounds, so you can rest assured your average house cat is going to be able to use this product just fine. It is easy to install and attaches to any glass windows or doors. This is a fabulous product because cats love lounging in front of and observing the world through windows. Rather than have your cat sit on the window sill, or rest on the back of the couch, why not get him or her a comfortable, durable window seat instead?

This is also a great product for people with more than one cat. The reinforced high-quality plastic frame is meant to withstand everyday wear and tear, and to handle your cats comings and goings. Another great feature of Oster Professional’s Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed is that it frees up floor space. This is especially important for people living in smaller spaces, where floor surface area is a precious commodity.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about cat beds

Before you decide on a particular cat bed, you should be aware of some essential traits possessed by most cats, but to varying degrees. This will allow you to select the cat bed that is best for your cat. In he below section we will lay out that criteria and respond to some of the most frequently asked questions by people attempting to purchase a cat bed.

girl sleeping in bed with her cat

Cats brighten up those cold Canadian winter days
(Source: Sergey Labutin: 50577969/ 123rf.com)

Why does my cat spend so many hours in its bed?

While you have likely observed your cat moving with incredible speed and agility, cats actually spend most of their lives resting. The spend nearly 70 percent of the day sleeping, and it is important to recognize that these sleep cycles will change as a cat ages. Kittens and older cats sleep even more, so don’t panic if you find your cat spending an exorbitant amount of time asleep.

Despite being domestic animals, you have to understand that their play routines usually involve a lot of movement that can truly tire them. For this reason, and because their general health requires it, cats sleep many hours a day.

Cats, both domestic and wild, often frequent the same resting spots for a long period of time, which is why they enjoy having a familiar bed they can retreat to.

Why does my cat need its own bed?

Even if you allow your cats to jump up and take a rest on the sofa or bed, they are still not substitutes for a good bed of their own. Cats like having places that are their own, and that smell and look familiar. Additionally, every bed is made to suit the needs of each animal. If your cat seems or acts uncomfortable being out in the open and in exposed places, you might want to think about a bed that provides him or her some element of cover (i.e. a hood or dome).

While cats do sleep a lot, you also must keep in mind that they get a lot of exercise in when they play. It is, therefore, paramount that they have a soft, relaxing bed to retreat to when they have worn themselves out. You should also keep in mind that it is wise to choose beds that are made for different weather conditions. In Canada, for instance, many places experiences both, at time, uncomfortably cold days and nights, and uncomfortably hot ones. Material that helps makes like more bearable during such weather conditions is a must.

Cute cat is sitting in his cat bed.

Remember that cats are very tidy animals and need a clean bed.
(Source: Vadim Guzhva: 34916742/ 123rf.com)

Why is it good for me that my cat has its own bed?

The truth is that your cat having its own bed will offer you many different benefits. It won’t leave hair all over the place, as most will be collected in the bed. This is the best solution for allergy-prone people, as their cats won’t leave that which triggers allergic reactions on furniture, but rather on their own little bed. These products are also easy to wash.

Your cat will prefer to play in its bed, rather than running all over and scratching up your furniture. It is a good idea to keep a number of beds throughout your home (depending on how much space you have), so that your cat can rotate its spots throughout the day and night.

It can be calming to sleep with your cat beside you, but always ensure it has its own personal space to retreat to during the night if it so chooses.

Why does my cat like to sleep under its bed?

These felines are hunters, and they need places where they feel safe to rest and that are warm – their own dens. A place that provides them both warmth and safety is very comfortable for them, which is why you will sometimes find your cat under its bed rather than on it.

This is why it is not trendy for cat beds to have a top cover that allows them to feel they are hidden and protected. Many cat owners also add an extra blanket on top of the bed, which gives their pet an extra layer of comfort and protection.

cat sleeping

The exterior of a cat bed can be made from a variety of materials: cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic or wicker.
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Why doesn’t my cat like its bed?

It is perfectly normal for your cat not to love its bed when you first bring it home, and continue to use its old resting places for a number of reasons. You might have put the new bed in an area of the house your cat doesn’t particularly enjoy. Your cat might also not like the material the bed is made up, both how it feels and how it smells.

Do keep in mind that these animals very tidy, and your cat will always want and need a clean bed. The great news is that most products available out there are machine washable. Your pet may not necessarily like that its bed doesn’t bear its smell anymore after being washed, in which case we recommend you to place some of its toys in the bed. Consider your cat’s habits to choose a bed that it will like and make the most of.

Lewis CarrollBritish Author
“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr.”

When will my cat most use its bed?

Cats are most active at dawn and around dusk. This means that you are most likely to be heading to bed, or trying to get another couple hours of sleep when your cat is going to be most active. This is not always a hard and fast rule, but for anyone with a cat, they know this is true. Conversely, when you are most active during the day is when your cat is likely to be at its most tired.

Even if you have provided enough food for your cat at home, its natural behaviour and instincts make it prefer nocturnal activity (when its senses and eyesight come into play). During the day, cats like thermoregulating in the sun, which is why it’s common to see then napping in rays of sunlight wherever they can find them.

Cats’ highly sensitive eyes dilate and open wide at night to capture as much light as possible and turn into slits, or the typical “cat eyes” during the day to keep light out

Can I put my cat’s bed in the garden?

Yes, especially during daytime when it will love enjoying the warmth of the sun. That being said, experts do recommend that your cat sleep inside at night, to remain protected from the cold. If you’d rather it stayed outside or if you notice that your cat prefers to stay outside all the time, provide a safe and sheltered space.

You should be aware that your cat, while part of your family, is a predator adept at hunting and killing small animals. In fact, outdoor domestic cats do an enormous amount of ecological damage around the world every year, decimating native reptile, amphibian, insect, and small mammal populations.

If you want to place your cat’s bed outside, there are waterproof beds on the market that are made to allow your cat to enjoy itself and keep warm even when it is resting outside. Always keep an eye on what your pets like and what they respond well to to ensure you are looking after them to the best of your abilities. Even if they have a garden, certain kittens want nothing more than spending their days inside.

cute cat / kitten sleeping on carpet

Cats are most active at dawn and dusk.
(Source: Berna Namoglu: 17751475/ 123rf.com)

What is the best place to place my cat’s bed?

Choosing that spot will be influenced by the overall size of the bed and the space it will take. You should also take into consideration which part of the house your cat most frequents and where it likes to lie down.

Cats like to change places depending on the time of the day, so you could also decide to have several beds to protect your chairs and sofas.

Keep in mind that cats are difficult to control. They are not social, gregarious animals like dogs. They set their own rules and like routines, so you must take note of their favourite places around your home and set up beds and resting places accordingly. If you don’t, chances are high that they simply ignore the bed and continue resting wherever they feel most comfortable (be it your bed, the couch, the laundry etc).

Can I let my cat sleep in my bed?

Your cat can sleep with you if you want it, and if you see that it is comfortable. In fact, it is very common for people to place their kitten’s bed on top of their own, so that the animal has its own space. That way, you’ll be sleeping together but still have your own private spaces.

Cats enjoy routines and habitual actions. When they are young, they tend to prefer sleeping near your face and head. As they get older, however, they often migrate more towards your feet. Many people find it comforting sleeping next to their cat at night, even though he or she make wake you up a number of times. Cats like to wake up early and get your attention so you feed them, or they simply get a burst of energy that they need to get out by running around.

Cute ginger cat sleeps near kid girl on the sofa

Cats are creatures of habit.
(Source: Alena Ozerova: 37827230/ 123rf.com)

What are the benefits of sharing a bed with my cat?

Studies have shown that that petting animals relieves stress and increases oxytocin production. Some even say that people who have a cat at home are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Cats are very pleasant company, which helps avoid feeling lonely.

The sound of  cat purring is very relaxing for many cat owners. It helps them sleep, and cats get more affectionate when someone they trust is close to them. A cat generally likes sleeping next to its owner because of the body heat, and because of feelings of comfort and familiarity. Many cat experts contend that sleeping in the same bed with your cat helps to build bonds.

Cats tend to pay more attention to women than men because they understand communication better when they are spoken to in higher pitches.

When shouldn’t my cat and I share a bed?

It is recommended that you sleep in separate places if you have an allergy to cats or asthma. You may be sleeping with your young child, in which case it is also advised to make your cat sleep elsewhere; otherwise, it might to sleep too close to your baby. You should also remember that light sleepers are likely to be woken up by their feline friend during the night.

It is important to mention that most pets can spread various diseases. While these are particularly isolated cases for cats, it is possible to get the following diseases via scratching: Chagas disease or the bubonic plague.

Should my cat sleep in my bed if I have allergies?

The skin of felines produces a protein called Fel d1 that is responsible for causing allergies in people. If that’s your case, you can naturally continue to cohabit with your cat, but there are a few precautions to follow. It is recommended to frequently brush your pet, remove the carpets, clean your home often and avoid sleeping together. This last part may be difficult for some people.

You should also be aware that duvets, sheets, and mattresses tend to act as allergen traps. It is, therefore, advisable that you avoid sharing a bed with a cat if you suffer from allergies. In this way, your cat having its own bed to sleep in will be beneficial to your health. Your pet will be happier with its own bed, and won’t use the surfaces you use to sleep and rest.

Abyssinian cat on the hands

A cat’s purr can be very relaxing for some people.
(Source: Dmytro Skorabogatov: 46342978/ 123rf.com)

Can I teach my cat to sleep wherever I want?

Anyone with a cat knows that it is next to impossible to tell them what to do. Cats don’t innately want to places you like a dog does. With that in mind, it is possible to get a cat to comply with certain rules and limits you might have. The best way to train a cat is to start as soon as it arrives in your home. Cats that already have a way of doing things will be very resistant to change.

While it is possible to train your cat, it will still set the pace and limitations. If your cat loves to rest on the couch, there is likely no amount of scolding it or correcting it that will change that. That best thing to do in that instance is to place its bed close to the couch, and at a similar height. You can also toss a treat into its bed if you want it to sleep, or a an article of your clothing in case your cat starts to feel separation anxiety.

Shopping Criteria

Cat beds are an essential accessory for cat owners, because they need their own places to rest. There are a ton of options on the market, from a variety of manufacturers. You need to find a model that best suits your and your cat’s needs. In the below section we have put together shopping criteria that you can use to help make the best purchase possible:


Buying a cat bed or pillow that fits your cats body perfectly is fundamental to its rest and relaxation. Furthermore, most of the cat beds on the market to day are enclosed, so it is very important you get one that your cat will be able to comfortably enter and exit. Know your cat’s body type and weight before choosing a product.

Many beds on the market are one-size-fits-all, so keep that in mind. These types of beds are made for medium sized cats, which are the most common sized cat. If you have a very long, or obese animal, you will have to be especially careful when buying a bed, and even more so if it is enclosed.

cute red haired kitten sleeping in hammock on a white background.

The market offers a wide variety of cat beds.
(Source: Grigory Lukyanov: 19055185/ 123rf.com)

External materials

The external part of the bed is important to consider, as it will offer a more or less pleasant touch for your cat. It also in part determines in which places you can set the bed. The manufacturing materials commonly used are: cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic or wicker. The material should be chosen according to the time of year.

Cotton and wool, for instance, will be most appropriate during the winter months, while felt or wicker are great bed materials in warm climates.

Remember to opt for waterproof materials if you decide to put the bed in the garden – plastic, latex or wicker are ideal for this. You can also outfit your cat’s outdoor bed with a sleeping bag that is warm on the inside and plastic-covered on the outside to wick water away.

Filling materials

The key to your cat’s comfort is the material used to fill it. The floor on its own isn’t good enough to rest, and the truth is that your pet will always be on some kind of surface of your home. If you really want your feline friend to be happy with its own space, opt for a bed with the right padding that will make it soft and comfortable.

Foam is the most common filler used. You may want to go for a bed filled with viscoelastic foam if your cat is older and has joint problems. Allergy-prone animals will prefer cotton, feathers or wool. Ideal for summer, hammocks or wicker beds sometimes come with a mattress; otherwise, you can put it yourself.

Couple cats sleep and hugging in their soft cozy bed on a floor carpet

Cats spend a lot of time resting.
(Source: Alena Ozerova: 40069117/ 123rf.com)


The design of a cat bed should be chosen based on how your pet sleeps and its size. Two things truly matter: that your cat is comfortable, and it uses its new bed instead of your furniture. There is a great variety of models out there when it comes to their shape. Here’s a quick table to help you pick the right one for your feline friend:

If your cat: Get this type of bed:
Sleeps stretched Mattress. Some models are flat and others have raised edges to provide a support for the head.
Sleeps rolled-up Enclosed/igloo type. This type gives a safe space for your animal to sleep.
Tends to be cold Sleeping bag. Your cat can sleep on top when it’s hot, or get inside for warmth when the weather cools.
Loves heights Hammock. These little beds can be hooked with suction cups or nails onto walls and windows for your feline to enjoy sleeping in height.
Often scratches with its claws Scratcher. These models feature shapes and materials that are suitable for your cat’s claws. That way, it won’t scratch your furniture or its fabric bed.

Beds according to their location

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to set the bed in a place where your cat is comfortable. If your animal prefers being outside, choose a product that can withstand humidity and provide warmth at the same time. If your feline friend enjoys being on the sofa, get a bed that can fit in that space. If it doesn’t mind not being on an elevated surface, a well-padded bed will be your option of choice.

On the other hand, If your cat is not the friendliest, and enjoys its alone time, preferring to hide while sleeping, you should get a bed that has an enclosure, or a sleeping bag that will allow it the privacy it needs. Conversely, if your cat likes being out in the open and right in the action, observing and take stock of its surroundings, you should opt for something like a hammock or swing.


A cat bed is perfect to provide your pet with its own space and to improve its overall well-being and rest. These products are also great for you, as they will prevent your feline friend from damaging your furniture with its claws, or covering them with hair. If you suffer from allergies, cat beds also serve for collecting the particles that are harmful to you.

Even if you’re happy to share your bed or sofa with your pet, it is important that it has its own space too. These animals need privacy to feel comfortable. There is a wide range of cat beds available on the Canadian market: pick one that is tailored to your cat’s personality and where you want to place it in your home. You can even get more than one and place them in your pet’s favourite corners!

If you liked our article on cat beds, feel free to share it with your friends on your social media. You can also leave us a comment with any question or suggestion you may have in the section below.

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